Stepping Up Preview

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It was the end of a gig. I had played solo with the wind controller, breath controller and two keyboards. for about two hours. My mouth was dry from using the breath controller, I was ready for a break. I started to thank the audience for staying and listening. There were not a whole lot of folks there, but the few ones there were thoroughly enjoying themselves. There had been some dancing ealier on... 

I started to thank the Audience, invited them to my next gig and then said 'This is my last song'.

I looked at my set list and then realised I did not have an apprioprate song to end the evening! It was about 7pm. It was an open air event. There was a cool evening breeze in the air, the sun was setting and a mini water fountain was in front of me to the left. My Audience was waiting. I closed my eyes and started playing...

This is how Floating was written. Probably one of the rare moments where I actually have a video recording of the actual moment I 'wrote the song'. I ended up playing Floating on many other gigs afterwards modifying it along the way.